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Are you jeopardising your health in this way?

It’s time to reflect…..are you jeopardising your health in this way?

What is it you deeply desire from your health and from your life?

More strength? More mobility? More general fitness to do the things you love but maybe your health has held you back?

Now think, what are you doing to create that?

If you need help, have you invested in a coach?

If you don’t know how to best achieve your desired health and fitness, are you being resourceful enough to find out how?

If things are not heading in the direction you desire, are you actively reaching out and asking for help to figure out how to make it happen?

The thing is, the universe doesn’t like mixed messages. If you SAY you want to change something but don’t invest the time or take action to make it happen, your health will never improve.

Your actions must align with your DESIRE. Send the universe one clear message, make choices aligned with that desire and don’t waiver.

This is how you get results OR how you stay the same.

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