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Client of the Month

” I have always lived an incredibly active lifestyle and made sure I’ve committed time to various physical activities and sports (I love incidental exercise). My relationship with regular strength training/gym memberships has not been so consistent and I’ve very much had an ‘on again, off again; all or nothing’ pattern and mentality that has developed over the last decade.

When I joined Corefit I was really looking for a fitness and wellbeing community that I could buy into, was social, fun, and felt like the incidental exercise I crave. It has been the perfect environment for me to take my training and fitness mindset to the next level.

I have achieved a lot since starting at Corefit. Most notably is the shift in mindset and the love I have regained for regular exercise. As a result, I am motivated to attend all of my sessions, I feel so much stronger, I’m sleeping better, I have far more energy to be a father and husband, I’m fitting into my clothes again, I have so much more self-confidence, and my wellbeing is constantly in check.

I’m really looking forward to smashing more personal goals out of the park and I know Corefit and the amazing trainers as well as all the incredible people I train with will be central to that success. What an exceptional community of people!!”

Brett Humphreys


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