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client of the month

Shout out to Rebecker who has shown amazing dedication to her training and has one of the most inspiring transformations!

Which program are you part of at CoreFit? The Small Group Program

What training, if any, did you do before starting with CoreFit? I would generally go for a walk or ride my bike, but nothing too serious or constant.

What inspired you to reach out to CoreFit to get started? At the end of November last year, I had a gastric sleeve surgery to assist in weight loss. I wanted to help with my weight lose with the sleeve as it doesn’t work by itself, it is just a tool to assist in losing weight. I wanted to be in an environment that was positive and non judgmental. I wanted to be there for my niece and nephew for the future and be a happier healthier me. A couple of my work friends knew I was looking for some extra help and guidance. They all told me of the wonderful support CoreFit gave and the awesome programs provided. Next thing, I was contacting Dan and Ali and i have never looked back.

Whats the #1 thing you’ve noticed in yourself since starting? I got my spark back. I’m more motivated to do activities I wouldn’t of done in the past. I am happier in myself for achieving my weight loss (50kgs down) and keeping the weight off for the first time in my life. My best friend said it was like having the teenage Beck back.

What do you enjoy most about training with CoreFit? I really love the supportive, friendly atmosphere. Everyone is really supportive and inspires me to keep moving forward. Plus, there is Boxing which is my favourite training session.

What’s your number #1 piece of advice for anyone looking to start their fitness journey? To stop thinking about it and make a commitment to yourself. The first 30 seconds of the first session are the hardest but that is because you are stuck in your head and your old thought patterns. After the first 30 seconds, you realise that you can do the exercise and no one is judging you. Everyone is encouraging you. That’s when you realise you just have to get out of your head and move forward one step at a time.


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