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Client of the Month

“I remember the first time I showed up to CoreFit as a buddy, I felt so nervous and had no idea what to expect. I took one look at the workout board and instantly thought, there is no way I’m going to be able to do this, but ill give it a damn good try. With a little help and encouragement from Ali I completed the workout and the overwhelming sense of achievement kicked in, you know the kind when you have a grin from ear to ear, you feel all warm and fuzzy and you just can’t believe that you actually did it? This of course came after I eventually got my breath back, picked my self up of the floor and held back the urge of the dreaded workout spew.









That feeling of achievement has been one of the driving forces to my success so far. My initial goal was weight-loss, but each session I turned up to I continued to surprise myself with what I could achieve with my fitness. Sometimes it’s was something small like 1 extra push up then the day before or getting just that little bit lower in a squat and other times it was big achievements like running a shed lap with out stopping, smashing out a deadlift PB or doing my first chin up. Every session there is a new challenge and it all about how you choose to tackle it mentally and then your body with follow. 

My journey so far hasn’t always been smooth sailing, I’ve definitely struggled with my diet and motivation at times and I’ve learnt it is so important to reach out for help when you feel like your slipping.

One of my favourite things about CoreFit is having a scheduled time and just showing up, because most of the time just showing has been enough to remember why I committed to this journey in the first place. Im so unbelievably happy with my progress so far, physically and mentally. My body has transformed into something Im proud of and I couldn’t be more thankful to Ali, Dan and Annette.”

Taylor Shaw


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