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It can sometimes be difficult to understand the reasons and patterns as to what’s stopping us from achieving our goal.

When it comes to creating healthy change, there’s a concept known as resistance.

Resistance is simply your ego trying to keep you safe and keep you the same.

The ego freaks out any time we begin to do anything new.

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This is where our primitive instincts kick in which is totally normal because the job of our ego is to keep us safe and alive.

If you’re to do something that evokes change, the ego sees that as a threat.

So the ego is going to try to shut you down and do its job.

The ego is actually what stops us from being able to move forward and achieve our health & fitness goals or any goals for that matter.

It’s certainly stopped me from time to time.

This is why it’s next to impossible to sustain things like radical diets or going from zero to 100.

When we begin to take new action or hit a setback our ego can get really uncomfortable really quick.

Demotivation, procrastination, wishful thinking, lack of time, fear and lack of self-worth are examples of resistance that may pop up for you from time to time when you’re working on improving yourself.

My biggest tip…

It’s important to understand how resistance shows up for you so you can become better at moving through it.


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