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Health & Fitness exists in the grey zone.

And I think this is incredibly frustrating for so many people.

We want certainty.

We want results asap.

We don’t want to be told “test and tweak until we find what works for you.“

We want things to work the first time.

We want it to be black and white.

And this just isn’t health & fitness.

When you operate in the grey zone, you receive everything as feedback so that you can improve.

When you operate in black-and-white, things only equate to success or failure and you will drive yourself nuts.

It’s your job to observe, adapt, and have faith that you’ll figure things out.

Nothing is certain. Nothing is guaranteed.

And I think this is why staying consistent is so hard for a whole lot of people.

Play the game of health in the grey zone, pay close attention to what’s working and what’s not, tweak and improve.


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