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Have you developed your fitness tolerance?

I love seeing people succeed at their health & fitness. Conversely it sucks seeing people give up on themselves.

This is one of the biggest reasons I see people struggle to stay on track with their health & fitness…

group fitnessThey have not yet developed tolerance for setbacks.

When something’s not working, they put up the white flag and assume they’re never going to make it to their goals.

They haven’t yet learned the incredible benefit of falling down and getting back up.

They haven’t yet learned to see and draw lessons in every setback.

They haven’t yet learned to expect setbacks just as often as they can expect wins.

And what you need to hear if this sounds like you, is that overcoming setbacks is where the magic happens!

It’s where you get the best feedback so that you can learn and do it better next time

We all want to win of course. Winning and succeeding is way more fun. And you will do those things too.

But if you expect it the majority of the time, those inevitable setbacks will be unnecessarily painful.

My best advice?

Don’t give unnecessary power to setbacks.

There’s a great quote – “get knocked down 7 times, get up 8.”

Improve your tolerance to setbacks and watch yourself win more!


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