A common human experience is to endure things that make them unhappy either until they snap and can’t take another moment or until they die.

How many people have you known who…

Hated their jobs but worked a full career anyway.

Were miserable in their marriage but they stayed because it felt easier.

Tried and failed seemingly every year to change their body and health only to yo-yo and rebound.

These occurrences are more frequent than not.

Sad but true. I’ve even experienced some of this myself.

The underlying factor, though…the thing that stands between us and having a life we couldn’t love more is FEAR.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success and what people will think of us then.

Fear of rejection or judgement

Have you felt any of those fears?

The trick to overcoming and pushing past fear is to create a level of excitement and motivation around the thing we’re afraid of.

Here’s a few steps that’ll help you do that:

  • Identify the fear and what’s causing it
  • Visualise how you DESIRE things to be
  • Embody the feelings you’ll actually experience when you reach those goals
  • Express gratitude for everything good in your life
  • Take a few deep breaths and continue visualising things unfolding exactly as you wish

Once you’ve gone through this exercise – it can take a minute or an hour depending on the intensity of the fear – write down and take action on the top thing you can do RIGHT NOW to move toward creating that outcome?

Action and motivation are a perpetuating cycle that keep fear at bay.

Is this helpful?

And of course, if tackling your fitness now is that situation, let me know by clicking here and we’ll help you from here!


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