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What is Corporate Health?

Employees are at the core of any business and promoting a positive workplace culture through a healthy, balanced lifestyle will only add character to your current workplace.

Increased workplace productivity, reduced stress levels and increase in team morale and satisfaction are just a few of the positives that arise from CoreFit Newcastle’s Corporate Health Programs.

Our Corporate Health Program offers 2 services:

  • Holistic wellness program
    Holistic wellness program
  • Workplace seminars
    Workplace seminars

Our services

Holistic Wellness

Our Holistic Wellness Program is designed to promote team building whilst encouraging healthy behaviours.

Our HWP is delivered over 8 weeks and provides businesses with 30-45 minute workouts 1-2 times per week delivered onsite or in our studio.

We understand the importance of positive team morale in the workplace which is why our Holistic Wellness Program was created, to help bring staff closer together whilst reaping the benefits of a healthier business.

“We have developed a great partnership with CoreFit Newcastle in training Orica personnel in safe manual handling practices.  We couldn’t be happier with their level of service.  Examples of employee feedback include ‘quality training’, ‘well presented’, ‘great presentation with great attitude”. – Bob Amundsen – Head Training Coordinator, Orica

corporate fitness programs

corporate fitness programs

Workplace Seminars

Our Workplace Seminars offer an opportunity for you and your staff to receive a 30-60 minute seminar at your workplace. We educate our business community on a number of different health and fitness topics including our most popular:

  • The power of flexibility in a sedentary workplace
  • Fast fitness for busy people
  • Health vs Stress – 7 tips to de-stress in the workplace
  • Keys to a healthy mindset – think better

Better yet, if you have any particular issues you and your staff may need help with, we can tailor our chat to suit your specific needs. We are more than just your local fitness business, our mission is to inspire change and we are passionate about improving today’s lifestyle trends by serving our local community, sharing our wealth of knowledge and delivering great content to give people the simple tools to make healthier, educated choices.

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