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1001 reasons

There’s 1001 reasons why you should give up on your health & fitness.

Particularly over the past 18 months with everything going on.

Wearing a mask when exercising is another one we can add to that list.

But if your truly serious about transforming your health and staying in shape, then it’s your duty to find the top 1-2 reasons why you SHOULD keep moving.

I had a conversation with a client today…

To help paint the picture, this guy is close to 50, has respiratory issues, sleep apnea, and other health complications and yet continues to show up for himself, all be it with the recent challenges.

The reason he shows up and doesn’t give up is because his 1-2 reasons why he should, have now overtaken his 1001 why he shouldn’t.

He said this to me which I thought was brilliant…

“Dan, if I’m going to spend my life working hard and then get to retirement when it’s time to spend my play money (superannuation), what good is it if I don’t have my health.”

I empathise with you if you’re struggling at the moment, I know it’s not easy.

My advice…

Don’t give unnecessary attention to reasons why you shouldn’t. Instead, focus intently on why you should.

And if you’re ready to start, hit us up today and get your 5 day free trial – www.corefitnewcastle.com.au 



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