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In the last 16 years I’ve learnt a lot about health and fitness. I’ve learned what works for me, what doesn’t work for me and what makes me feel good. 

Here are 13 things that I’ve learnt…

  1. Our bodies love habitual repetition. Good or bad.
  2. There will be times where you don’t feel your best. It’s ok.
  3. Motivation is over-rated.
  4. A strong sense of why is under-rated.
  5. Short-term on and off thinking doesn’t work.
  6. Not all calories are created equal, no need to count them.
  7. Rarely is time the issue.
  8. Sense of belonging is crucial.
  9. Showing up for yourself really is the most important thing.
  10. Follow your intuition.
  11. Getting healthy can feel hard. Being unhealthy is harder.
  12. Health is about total transformation, not just weight loss.
  13. There is no destination, enjoy the journey.

So, these are the 13 things I’ve learnt about health and fitness. 

What have you learnt? 

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