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Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the success story of Woody!

Woody is part of our group fitness program enjoying morning sessions 4 times a week!! Check out Woodys success story below.

” I initially joined CoreFit as my day job can be quite physical. That said it isn’t suffice to delete those extra Covid cupcakes and biscuits. My Lorna’s do stretch, thankfully but the Cupeth runneth over. A new wardrobe or invest in my mental health and join up to a class near me. The start and finish times suited me and thought I would contact the lovelies from CoreFit.

Some of the best results for me have included getting back to a regular routine for exercise. Backing off the personal pressure to achieve the magic numbers on the scales (it would be nice ) and more flexibility with my right shoulder!!!

The thing I love most about training at CoreFit is…..well to be honest I don’t love exercise. I love ‘that!!!!’ feeling of accomplishment, completion and the lovelies who genuinely make the morning start just awesome. The trainers give a dam. These classes also get me work-ready!! Don’t love exercise…. but I definitely wouldn’t change a thing!!”


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