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“I am in the Small Group Program, training 4 times a week. In my twenties I was hiking and running regularly. But when I started working as a Paramedic, the long and irregular hours made exercising seem impossible. So I stopped. 

I was at my heaviest and my health was bad. I was drinking to cope with stress and quitting smoking after a heart attack. So, I started researching options and the CoreFit success stories struck a chord. I did the 1-week trial and haven’t looked back.

The first change I noticed was that I was coping with stress better and I started to lose weight almost straight away. I noticed that my cardio-vascular fitness was improving as was my strength. My mood and energy levels also lifted. 

The thing I love about CoreFit is that I just feel so much better in myself. I have more energy and enjoy working out with people who become friends. And Dan’s dad jokes make it worth it too!

If you’re thinking of starting you need to want it. No time is the best time to start. Just be consistent, whether you are having a good day or a bad day.”

Are you ready to get started? Join us for our 4-week kickstart program and let us help you reach your fitness goals! 


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