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“I train as part of CoreFits small group program.

I joined CoreFit mainly to improve my fitness & health. I also wanted to improve mobility & then maintain it so that I can continue to do the simple things in life, like getting in & out of a car without the need for assistance later on down the track.

Some of the results I’ve achieved include more muscle tone, weight loss, flexibility & endurance. I’m feeling fitter every week.

There are so many things I enjoy about CoreFit. I enjoy being part of a small group where everyone encourages one-another & celebrate each others achievements. I really enjoy the family atmosphere & genuine interest from the trainers on how everyone is tracking to ensure we are achieving maximum results. I also enjoy the variety of sessions that are organised each day. 

After 11 months, & attending 3 sessions per week, I have not completed the same session twice. I’m still learning new exercises that I’ve never done before. It’s fantastic. It’s the main reason I get out of bed every week. It’s a very positive & supportive environment.”

Are you ready to get started? Join us for our 28 day kickstart program and let us help you reach your fitness goals! 


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