Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Jordan Wallace

“When I started with CoreFit I didn’t have much hope, with multiple back injuries through out the years I can’t remember a time when I was without pain and having worked out at gyms in the past I hadn’t had any good results – usually I would just end up in more pain.

Jordan Wallace afterSo when I started with CoreFit and all the trainers listened to me and were so knowledgeable and supportive I felt like this could be the change I needed to get fit, not once did I think I could be pain free.

Here I am now 6 months later, fitter then I have been in years and experiencing a time in my life where back pain is now unusual and not the normal.

I am back on my paddle board, running and pushing my family to be fitter and more active.

The other unexpected side effect is the effect it’s had on my mental health and anxiety, I feel like a different person.

I am no longer creating reasons to avoid leaving the house, I am a better friend, wife and mother then I have been in years.

So thank you CoreFit for helping me lose ten kilos, get out of pain and get my mental health under control.”

Jordan Wallace.


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