Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Scott Murray

” What an honour to be nominated above all the exceptional CoreFit community members for this month’s award. Thank you.

My journey here started over three years ago. Ali & Dan always maintained steady encouragement for me to make a difference to my health and fitness but the changes were minimal and my excuses were a little lame and not truthful to me and my close family.

Ultimately, I realised that to make the change needed would require me to commit to a new lifestyle, not just exercise and diet. 

Did you know that 85% of people quitting alcohol return to consuming alcohol? I decided to be in the 15% that day and stay dry. 

Since that decision over six months ago I am enjoying a life without booze. I have found time for reading books, bike riding, walking and further exercise and developing a hobby for fly fishing.

However, the biggest change I have discovered is the time I have to spend with our three daughters. To have a conversation and remember it, so that the conversation can continue.

Hopefully my message can reach someone else who is battling life issues and maybe get the motivation to be in the 15%. “

Scott Murray.


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