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Client of the month

” I don’t remember how long ago I started my journey with CoreFit. I know it was more than 5 years ago when my then boss Fiona Wallace dragged an almost middle aged frumpy me kicking and screaming to them by organising group sessions at our work place after hours.

I had tried various gyms previously; but being from a family where exercise was something incurred incidentally when you went out for a walk exploring your surroundings and thus didn’t pay for it and there was always something new to see, I didn’t last long indoors with no instruction. I was UNFIT!!!!! Couldn’t even run a few laps of the back yard.

Group FitnessWhy have I kept coming in-spite of many extended periods away thanks to my generous husband who is forever taking me on long holidays? …. If you have to travel a long way stay long enough to make it worthwhile. Well because these guys make exercise fun and interesting. I have only ever been a part of their outdoor groups (get to watch the sunrise for several weeks of the year), but, also they are always so welcoming. If you are new they make a point of introducing you and encouraging the team to engage with you. Dan and Ali are like extended family and I have such a supportive crew around me through CoreFit.

I am one of those lucky people who have always managed to have a healthy BMI through a sensible diet but there is more to good health. There is mobility and fitness which is guided by my friends at CoreFit. My goal is to be like an elderly neighbour who at 80 plus years was still going to Heart Move classes. Hopefully by the time I’m 80 Dan will have evolved some classes to cover that too. I intend to continue exploring the world on foot preferably but that would be so much more difficult without the classes as I used to suffer with pain upon setting my feet on the floor in the morning, now I pretty much bounce out of bed.

Covid 19 has presented some challenges to us all, not the least how to keep up the exercise regime. Turns out it was a blessing for me because Dan and Ali had to get creative and find a way for us to continue our programs and they went online…. For me this is the answer to my prayers. I now have access to workouts wherever in the world I may be, no more stopping and starting and faffing around doing half hearted bodyweight exercises while I am away. I have structured workouts to follow and I can do them anywhere I have phone reception. Look out for some posts on Facebook of me completing a workout in some way off location.

Looking forward to seeing my buddies face to face at an outdoor session sometime soon.”

Sue Charman


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