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Client of the month

” Before starting VarietyFit 90 I had a real all or nothing approach to food, in particular sugar. It was either eat the entire block of chocolate each night or restrict myself to absolutely nothing. VarietyFit 90 has supported me to find peace with the 80/20 approach. 15 peanut m&ms after dinner and I’m satisfied. VarietyFit has taught me how to loosen the sugar grip.

I had an unexpected / last minute operation done in week 3 of VarietyFit 90 on an arm injury. At the time I was filthy on myself that physically I couldn’t do the VarietyFit workouts. It was at this point when I really noticed the small mental shifts in terms of my nutrition and mindset. My ‘slide right’ moments. 

Just prior to starting VarietyFit 90 the negative head talk would’ve crept in, I’d have fallen into the whole ‘all my hard work is ruined’ mindset and self sabotaged with a run of 3000 calories plus a day binges because I’d just start the ‘diet’ again on Monday but that hasn’t been the case this time round.

Yes I’m filthy that I haven’t been able to do as many workouts as I’d like but I’ve continued to walk each day and have maintained healthy, balanced nutrition each day. This is so empowering!

The sugar hold doesn’t feel quite as tight and the idea that this is in fact a lifestyle change rather than just another diet is starting to sink in. It’s amazing!

Pacing myself rather than impatiently checking the scales every second day. Incredible! “

Lauren Rayner


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