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Client of the Month

” Over the last couple of months friends have been commenting “Wow, you lost so much weight, your looking great. You’re an inspiration, how’d you do it?”. I have a standard reply now “diet and exercise”. It’s simple really, isn’t it.  But if it was so simple why not before?

Earlier this year I had a health scare. I was kind of fit…., I had lost some weight,  was cycling several times a week, had changed my diet, but my weight had flatlined and I was getting frustrated. Then in late February I had a routine eye test and the optometrist suggested I get my blood pressure checked. I succeeded in scaring the staff at the chemist, I felt fine, but they were really worried and sent me to the doctor straight away as I had extremely high blood pressure. I was on my way to a stroke – I felt fine, but this is the problem with blood pressure (so get yours checked!).  Anyway a week off work, weekly doctor visits and looking at a life of tablets with some unpleasant side effects I had a “you’d better get a bit serious about your health Shawn” moment.

TransformationI started looking at options. I was already cycling several hundred kilometres a month, had been to “normal” gyms previously, and had explored some online options. Nothing really appealed.  I kind of knew what I was looking for, but wasn’t sure how or where to find it. I did  know for sure that I didn’t want to go back to the “normal” unfocussed gym environment. At this time I happened to come across a Facebook post for CoreFit requesting a small number of men apply for  a 12 week challenge . I was sceptical at first – was this just another scheme?  But I  applied, had an interview with Dan, and was convinced the holistic CoreFit approach what I was  looking for. I knew 12 weeks wasn’t going to cut it for me so signed up for 12 months – I needed a longer term focus and commitment from me.

It wasn’t long after I started that COVID happened. I had been face to face for about 2 weeks and I was really enjoying the experience. When the COVID lockdowns hit and CoreFit moved the sessions online I was again sceptical, was online going to work for me?  But I was focussed and committed to reducing my weight and improving my fitness and health.  I committed to several online sessions a week, set myself little goals and week to week I could see the results coming.

Along the journey, with CoreFits guidance I changed some things about my diet and the way I approached food. These were not wholesale changes or restrictive diets, it was more about the focus on the types and nutritional benefits (or otherwise) of foods.  I was very focussed on this aspect, it was part of what I missing before and the results I achieved have reinforced a positive mindset change for me. It hasn’t stopped me from cooking and enjoying all the things I used too (how good are  Chocolate topped Anzac caramel tarts)  but my relationship with food has definitely changed for the better.

I am thoroughly enjoying the CoreFit  experience.  I love the support and insights of the CoreFit team, enjoy the camaraderie and banter of my fellow CoreFitters and am very proud of what I achieved in such a short time.  To say  I have surprised myself would be an understatement.

In March I was approx. 109kg,  I am now ~ 93.5kg.  15kg in less than 6 months! 

I am much fitter and stronger. I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medications, my cycling has improved out of sight, and I feel better and more confident in myself. I have had to buy a hole punch for my belt and will be shopping for a new wardrobe. With CoreFits support it hasn’t been hard. Sure it has required some work, focus and commitment, but overall it has been an achievable and sustainable change for me.  

So “diet and exercise “,  I am sure for some it’s just as simple as that. For me the support and guidance of the great team at CoreFit  has made this so much more achievable.  I am really looking forward to continuing my positive journey with CoreFit into the future.”

Shawn Armitage


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