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” I have always made fitness a priority in my life, at all different intensity levels of course. From triathlons, rock climbing, gym, CrossFit and running races  etc- some form of exercise had to fit into the different stages of my life. 

Exercise is  so important to me, not only for my well being but to role model good practices/habits for my two beautiful children (who are now adults). I am so proud that they continue with making fitness as part of their lives now.

I was going to an outdoor fitness group (which is no longer operational) over 10 years ago, and tried other options like gym, CrossFit and running etc.  I found from all the types of exercise I did, I enjoyed exercising in an outdoor environment the most. 

About 5 years ago, I was looking for a change and my exercise regime had to include morning sessions (as I usually find every excuse by the afternoon  ‘not  to exercise’), it had to be outdoors and it had to be local, which was very important to me.

I researched and came across CoreFit and I was sure that this is where my friend Jo went. I spoke to her about it and she only spoke in high regard about the place and she said that everyone was so friendly and the trainers were awesome.This sounded like what I was looking for. 

After my meeting at a coffee shop with Ali, I was sold by her friendly and calm nature, I joined up for 6 months by this time (‘just in case it wasn’t for me’).  I haven’t turned back. 

CoreFit is an amazing place – Ali and Dan and the other trainers throughout the time have been motivating without being too much into your face. The sessions vary every day, which  keeps me on track and not bored. The program caters for all different fitness levels and are flexible when you are managing an injury. 

The other fantastic part about CoreFit is the people that train there. No-one is judging you, and I feel like part of a family. I have made some real good friends.  

Fitness will never be a finished journey for me, I have learnt that your body changes over the years and learning to accept and love your body and keeping consistent is vital.”

Anika Jefferson


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