Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Mel K

“I can’t remember how long I have been coming to core fit but it must be a couple of years. 

I have been participating in group/outdoor fitness in some form or another for about 10years. I found Corefit after my friend who for years had run an outdoor training group in my estate moved away.  I was reluctant to sign up to Corefit as I wasn’t sure if it would work for me as I would have to be committed to get in my car and drive there after being so spoilt.

I started out doing two sessions a week and from the outset I was hooked. Pretty soon I increased my membership to three sessions per week and then to unlimited. I love the community vibe, the challenging workouts and so many options with class times.

I have always been pretty self motivated when it comes to exercise and like to keep active. I aim to come to class 4-5 times a week and now plan my social life around classes not the other way round.  You can find me  most Saturday mornings running with friends at Stockton and I love to get on on my SUP in the summer.

For me Corefit has never been about weight loss it is about feeling fit and strong as I get older. It is a great way to cleanse the day away – I only wish I could get motivated to come to the morning classes.

Thanks to Ali, Dan and the team it is a great small business and its success is a  credit to your hard work and commitment. 

To all the CoreFitters keep crushing it, you rock. Thanks for having me over most afternoons!”


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