Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Glenda Kopp

” I joined Corefit  eight months ago.  I have had multiple gym memberships over the years, but without ever being fully committed.

An advertisement for Corefit sparked my interest as their focus was small groups &  more dedicated to “one on one” training which really appealed to me.

It is truly the best decision I have made to date regarding my fitness & health. I have been pushed out side of my comfort zone which in turn has been so rewarding and a huge confidence boost.

My original goal was to lose weight, but that now this is merely an added bonus.

I am thrilled to see the  changes that have occurred in my cardio capacity, increased flexibility & core strength. Not to mention the self confidence that comes from all of this.  

Big shout out to my 5.45am small group of companions & trainers.  The support & camaraderie that is shared with this team definitely makes the early starts all worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to, and excited to see what the next 6 months brings to my fitness & health journey.” 

Glenda Kopp.


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