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leah rees

Before I came across the 6-week challenge with Corefit a few years ago I had a shoulder injury that kept me on the sideline for 18 months so it’s fair to say there was a bit of work to be done.

CoreFit was the ideal place to restart my fitness journey as they were understanding of my limitations and were able to modify my sessions so that I could still achieve my goals. Leah Rees

And I’m happy to say my shoulder is stronger and there’s no more pain.

I keep my goals pretty simple these days. Be consistent in turning up 4 times a week; even if I’m not powering at 100% every session at least I’m still moving.

Train to build up my arm strength so I can twist the lid off that jar myself lol, and keep challenging myself by upping my exercise equipment weight. I think I was slam balling a 6 when I first started, now I’m slamming a 12!

For me personally I feel that if I maintain the routine, I maintain the momentum towards my fitness goals.

Exercise is great for my overall wellbeing and I’m always feeling positive after a session knowing that I’ve done something for my body and for myself that day and that feels pretty good.”

Leah Rees


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