Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Client of the Month

Shout out to Lucia who has shown amazing dedication to her training and has one of the most inspiring transformations!

Which program are you part of at CoreFit? I’m part of the small group program. I think this is my 4th year of membership. My Tuesday and Thursday groups have been great fun to train with and really keep me accountable (& laughing a lot of the time too!).

Where did you come before joining CoreFit? Next to nothing, I’d REALLY dropped the
ball on that front #badhabits. A million years ago I used to be a gym junkie and fitness fanatic but
motherhood, lifestyle and the increasing pressures of work put those days in the very distant rear
vision mirror.

What inspired you to join CoreFit? Initially to inspire my eldest daughter to get back on her fitness journey. She too had slipped and I didn’t want her to replicate my mistakes in putting health and fitness last on the list of life priorities. I also wanted to be fit and flexible when my (much longed for) grandchildren started arriving!

Whats the #1 thing you’ve noticed in yourself since starting? Apart from my clothes fitting better, the reduced injuries (and crikey have I had more than my fair share). It’s liberating when things stop hurting. You just don’t realise how much pain you can carry around, and how life changing it can be when it stops! I’ve got more energy and greater strength/flexibility. Heck I even did my first chin-up since my twenties the other week ago! #stillsomelifeintheoldgirlyet 😊 But the big question is ….will I ever master a burpee?!

What do you enjoy most about training with CoreFit? That I’m not just a number. The Corefit crew are really invested in my fitness journey. They keep me accountable (which isn’t easy I’m sure!!) with their unwavering support. They genuinely want me to get stronger, fitter and take back some control over my crazy work/life/health balance which has been very out of whack for years! Oh and I really love that there are no mirrors 😊

What’s your number #1 piece of advice for anyone looking to start their fitness journey?
As someone who has always run ‘hot or cold’… the warm tap approach has really resonated with me. Fitness doesn’t have to be all or nothing…bit by bit you can achieve anything, just don’t put it off till tomorrow or next week. Start right now! #YOLO


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