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Client of the Month

We love the endless commitment Jess brings to training each week which is why she is our client of the month!

Which program are you part of at CoreFit? Small group and PT

What training, if any, did you do before starting with CoreFit? I have been a lifelong sports fiend. I love
sports. I’ve grown up playing any and all sports that I had access to. But my number one passion has
always been football (soccer) aka “the beautiful game”. I played for a decade and had a few
competitive years and then struggled with injuries, health issues and competing commitments. I used
to jog, bike, play summer soccer, touch footy or gym to maintain fitness at times, but when the injuries
and health issues began to multiply it got too hard and I quit all of it.

What inspired you to join CoreFit? A season away from the game turned into a few years and I began to lose
the body and fitness I had worked so hard for. A few failed attempts at getting back on the wagon and coming
out of retirement were disheartening. I needed professional help and support to get my body and confidence
back. I noticed a teammate who had a dramatic transformation through CoreFit. So I thought it might be the
right fit for me.

Whats the #1 thing you’ve noticed in yourself since starting? I struggled to attend CoreFit in the early days. I
had terrible anxiety and didn’t actually make it inside the building at times. I had a frustrating run of injuries,
illness, and fell off the wagon. With support, encouragement, and adaptable programming, and determination
on my side – I made it to the other side! I have overcome adversity to regain my health, happiness and
strength back. I feel motivated to continue building on what I’ve started. I’m back playing the game I love –
football. Last year I hit a deadlift PB of 115kg and got back on my bike. This year I’m aiming for 22 Parkruns for

What do you enjoy most about training with CoreFit? The coaching staff are outstanding humans.
Intelligent, experienced, motivating, understanding, fun, flexible and diligent in all areas. When the
chips were down – they had my back. I’m forever grateful. The majority of clients are fun, friendly and
feel like teammates after a ball busting workout. I have made some genuine and lifelong friends
through CoreFit. It is a supportive community and a pleasure to be a part of.

What’s your number #1 piece of advice for anyone looking to start their fitness journey? Keep going!
If you want it – you will get there. Maybe it will take longer, maybe it won’t be quite the way you
pictured it, but keep striving, keep chasing, keep fighting for what you want and what you deserve –
and you will get there!


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