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May Client of the Month!

When I was nominated as client of the month my initial thought was “no, I don’t deserve this, there are so many others that have and are achieving so much more than me”. I then remembered one of my many mantras as our kids were growing up “don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself with yourself” They reminded me of this as they enthusiastically told me I must accept, my family from the beginning of my journey have always encouraged and praised by efforts. In case you are wondering another of my mantras is “you can never have too many hugs.”

When I started at CoreFit I was very overweight, my blood pressure was bordering on high, my mobile, painful joints made life difficult. I struggled with walking up our driveway and our stairs were a pain (now I can conquer them with ease), I was breathless with the slightest exertion.

I was feeling so old (now I only look it). To be honest I actually thought ” here I go again, yet more wasted money on a fitness regime I won’t stick too” In the past with other programs I’d injure myself (which has always happened frequently) and I’d give up or lose motivation or find an excuse any excuse to quit.

The CoreFit team (including the community) are fantastic, the fittest and the unfit are welcome without judgement. I have injured myself and the old me would have quit, instead I am always encouraged and supported in my recovery and thus have been keen to return. Any limitations in my abilities are considered and exercises are adapted with ease.

When I commenced CoreFit my mantra would be “I can’t do that” now it is “I’ll give it a go” (except for burpees 🙂 )My body doesn’t always oblige, however, my mind knows that I have done my best which compared to  former me is fantastic. I am continuing to lose weight and am becoming fitter, stronger and healthier.

We have a trip planned to Alaska and Canada later in the year and my ability to do so many more activities compared to former me is exciting. My mind and body thank the entire CoreFit team.

Jenny Martin


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