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Dan and Sarahs consistency is amazing and they’re now stronger than ever! We are so proud to share their inspiring story. 

“Due to the premature passing of a friend that was our age, we became aware of our own lifestyle and (lack of) fitness, despite being signed up to a gym but not motivated to use it. Due to us both having different medical issues, we were looking for coaching that was mindful of this, and could provide training even when either of us weren’t fully at 100%.

Dan – for the first time I have felt motivated to consistently keep turning up to workouts that don’t cause me pain (the less said about 10k training that led to a broken hip, the better!). I’m feeling stronger after getting over my aversion to lifting weights(!), and am feeling more confident in my own body.

Sarah – I am now able to run more consistently, having never been able to before, and feeling stronger, also fighting off diabetes (a big concern with my family history) and chronic pain symptoms.

Dan – being able to turn up to a session without having to think about what to do, knowing that the trainers will keep things varied, interesting and most importantly, safe.

Sarah – knowing that if I turn up to a session not feeling 100% the coaches will make adjustments without judgment, while still getting the most out of it.”

Congrats Dan and Sarah! 🎉

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