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Prepared to be inspired by the amazing journey of Del!

“The gym I had been attending for several years was closing. I had several injuries and needed to find a gym that could accomodate my need for alternate exercises while still working in a group environment as this is my preference as I enjoy having a laugh and support from gym friends.

The trainers at Corefit have been very accomodating finding alternate exercises that are suitable, while also being mindful of the requests from my Physiotherapist and Osteopath. While I believe I will always have a need for alternate exercises my injuries are causing less problems as each of my ‘rehab team’ are happy to work with my current and evolving abilities.

I love the friendships and support I have attained from attending small groups. Most people have an injury or have sustained an injury at some point in their life, whether it’s from training or another life mishap, this is where the all age gym is unique opposed to an under 25’s gym where many have not had to deal with injury and realising attending a gym can be a huge deal.

Congrats Del! 🎉

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