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Do you do this?

For many years we’ve been puzzled by this fascinating human phenomenon…

It’s this idea that humans often stop taking an action when they start to get results.

We’ve seen this many times coaching fitness.

Clients follow a program, get great results, and then self sabotage.

Whether they decide to try a new thing, or they get too comfortable. We’re not entirely sure.

Breaking focus or changing directions when something is working is such a strange habit that a lot of us seem to have.

And we think it’s actually a sneaky form of self sabotage.

We can certainly relate to getting distracted and going off tangent.

But finding your way back to the path of what you already know is working is what’s key.

If that’s something you’d like support with regardingyour health, we’d love to chat reach out below and we’ll be in touch! 



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