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We’ve always been told that success if about having a goal and reaching it.

But here’s the deal about goals.

It’s good to have them. And it’s good to pursue them.

But merely reaching the goals isn’t really the point.

It’s the steps we take along the way that matter in the long term. We’ve got to enjoy those parts of the process in order to make lasting change.

deadliftHere’s an example. Let’s say you want to lose 8 kilos by your sister’s wedding day. Well, you can starve yourself and do ridiculous amounts of cardio and, sure, you’ll probably shed the weight. But after the photos are taken, will it have been worth all the torture?

What if, instead, you set the same goal but decided to follow a reasonable plan that would encourage happy, healthy exercise and eating habits? And what if you lost, say, 4 KG’s by the wedding?

Could you be happy with that?

Of course! In fact, you would have enjoyed your daily life more, including the establishment of those good habits. You’d have been a better friend to your sister leading up to her big day. And you could enjoy a slice of cake and still be on your way to losing those remaining 4kilos, if you wanted.

Because, most importantly, you’d love your new habits and feel encouraged to continue them.

Change is good! Embrace the process in a truly positive way.

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