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Chiropractic places a large emphasis on the correct alignment of the spine and pelvis.

Injury prevention is best achieved when all areas of the body are working in unison and efficiently. Any misalignments of the spine or pelvis can place unnecessary tension on joints and tissues. The result is unequal loading and strain of those tissue which can lead to a wide array of injuries.

Alignment issues are often related to repetitive movements or long periods of sustained loading. You should regularly change what your doing, either in day to day life or in training.

cyclingRepetition leads to the same tissues being stressed in the same direction day in day out. This is particularly evident when it comes to athletes who also maintain a regular desk occupation. Sitting past 30 minutes in the one position will slowly load and then begin to tear tissue. Varying your posture and moving every 20-30minutes will help you avoid alignment issue.

At Family Life Chiropractic we perform through assessments on athletes from all fields to determine both their strengths and weakness in alignment and movement patterns. One of the simplest and most effective ways to assess the likelihood of an alignment issue is to check your posture. Using a camera or your phone, take an image of yourself standing relaxed from the font view and then from the side view.

Front view:

  • Your eyes, ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be in alignment horizontally

Side view:

  • Your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle should line up with an imaginary vertical line

Deviations from these normal positions may indicate areas of the spine and pelvis are receiving more stress and pressure. If your finding a sporting injury frustrating to recover from, or simply have some questions, we would love to hear from you.

David Diehm



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