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Have you got your stress well managed?

If you’ve ever leveraged exercise to help deal with stress, you’ll know where we’re coming from here…

Stress is one of those things we can’t escape. It’s hardwired into our biology. A primitive defence mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive.

When our ancestors came across a lion’s footprints, stress would kick in. Otherwise known as our “fight or flight” system.

In short bursts like this, stress can be positive.

These days though, we experience stress on many different levels – emotional, financial, relationships, career, social…

Stress shows up much more often for many of us and having functional ways of coping with it is super important!!

And by “functional” I don’t mean alcohol and chocolate lol

So many of the clients we work with have mentioned how being active helps them deal with their day to day stressors.

And lockdowns at the moment will most likely be one of those stressors.

Our best advice – Be sure to devote some time each week to things that allow you to unwind and de-stress.


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