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Have you mastered being organised?

If you’re ever serious about losing weight or drastically improving your health, you MUST master being organised.

Particularly when it comes to food.

More often than not, we see people always organised when it comes to their exercise but not when it comes to their food.

They eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

As a result they often find themselves eating WAY too much takeout and “convenience” junk which leaves them feeling crap and zapped of energy.

We get it…

We’re all busy and time isn’t on our side.

We hear this a lot.

However the worst thing we can do is convince ourselves that we don’t have time.

We have lots of conversations about this and believe that a lot of people are just trying to cope and get through the day, that the thought of having a plan around their food is just another thing to add to the overwhelm list.

This is where “light n easy” and pre-packed meals can be beneficial.

However being organised doesn’t mean you have to slave over a stove meal prepping on Sunday for 3 hours or that you have to know exactly what you’re having EVERY meal for the next week.

It’s just about having options.

Here's what often works for us!

  • Have a think which meals you'd like to have for the week ahead (brekky, lunch, dinner and any snacks)
  • Do a weekly grocery shop and grab the things you need for those meals
  • Prep any meals you may need to take to work. Keep it simple! (should take 15 minutes tops!)
  • Defrost any meat the day before that you intend to have for dinner the next night.

1-2 x week, give yourself permission to buy your lunch or dinner

We know this isn’t rocket science but once you get into a pattern that suits you, you’ll find yourself eating a WHOLE lot better and feeling much better as a result

And if you’re ready to start, hit us up today and get your 5 day free trial – www.corefitnewcastle.com.au


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