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“The beginning of 2021 marked a shift in my approach to my health and wellness. Like a lot of people I had been on the diet roller coaster, which resulted in an all or nothing approach to food and exercise. There was one simple moment that was the tipping point – I didn’t have the strength to open a jar! Sounds simple enough but it triggered a sense of dismay, how would I be strong and healthy well into old age at this rate? The all or nothing approach I’d been taking throughout my life was never going to get me the life I claimed I wanted.

I looked around for options and chose CoreFit as my health and fitness partner. I liked their philosophy, lots of people in my age group were already members and Ali and Dan had created a wonderful community atmosphere where everyone belongs and is warmly welcomed by both members and the training team.

Fast forward 10 months and I barely recognise myself, I am…

  • Definitely part of the Corefit Community,
  • Committed to training 3 times a week and I show up even when I’d rather stay in bed,
  • ALWAYS glad I showed up for a workout (once it’s done)
  • More active in my daily life
  • Able to walk up stairs and hills whilst carrying on a conversation
  • 11 kilos lighter and my cholesterol is down by 0.7
  • Functionally fit and yup I can open jars


During what has been a challenging year, CoreFit has been my constant and has definitely contributed positively to both my mental and physical health. Brooke has really upped by form since she joined the team too!

An absolute bonus this year was the support of Dan, Ali and the Corefit Community banding together for Active in August. Together we all raised Awareness and over $6000 for Asthma Australia, a cause close to my heart. I am so pleased I chose Corefit and committed to a 12 month membership up-front.”


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