The longest Cassies ever committed to her health and fitness! - Corefit Newcastle
Check out Cassie’s inspiring journey with her health and fitness:
“I had tried different boutique gyms and I dislike going to a typical gym as I lack the motivation. One of my friends had been going to CoreFit and I attended one of their charity days with her years ago. Their welcoming vibe and approach to fitness had stuck in my mind. So when I was looking for a new place to reboot my health and fitness again it was only natural I join.
I have noticed with everyday life tasks, carrying grocery bags, running upstairs, moving heavy objects aren’t a struggle for me anymore. Overall I feel stronger, fitter, my mental health has improved, I look toned and I’m sleeping much better.
I like the variety of training that CoreFit offers. Every training session is different. The trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging and the CoreFit team hold you accountable without being overbearing. From the first session to every session, each person that attends are all welcoming. All of this has helped me stay committed to my health and fitness for the past 10 months. The longest I have ever stayed on track.”
Congratulations, Cassie!

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