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There’s always so much build up leading to the holidays. And whether you love the holidays or not, there’s always a little bit of a let down that comes after January 1.

All the planning that lead to fun days with family has ended. You’re back at work. Kids are back at school.

It’s almost like the fun has come to an end, and it’s time to get back to business.

For sooooo many adults, this includes committing to getting themselves healthier – the most popular New Year’s resolution.

you got thisBut it’s hard. Like super hard. And that’s why less than 10% of resolutioners even attain their goal.

It’s easy to say “on January 1 things will be different” or “I’ll get to it in the New Year.”

The truth is that if you aren’t excited about starting your workout or nutrition plan in the first place, the New Year isn’t going to be all that motivating.

That’s why it takes so many of us weeks into January to get started and why even more people are done by February.

Are you familiar with this story and cycle?

I hope not! But if you are – you absolutely aren’t alone.

And here’s a secret about uncomfortable change…

The way humans work is that we will not make changes until the idea of remaining the same is more painful than the discomfort of making the change.

Basically, you have to want the result of doing the uncomfortable work of health and fitness more than you want the ease of what you’re doing now.

Are you in that place yet? If not, how can you get yourself there?

That’s why we often see traumatic events inspire people into action like bad news from the doctor or the death of a loved one.

Because when the pain of remaining the same is no longer bearable, that’s when lasting change is created.

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