Client of the Month - Corefit Newcastle
Client of the Month

Shout out to Maria who has shown amazing dedication to her training and has one of the most inspiring transformations! Know more about her story below.

“I started CoreFit in July 2020 after a terrible scare which was a heart attack. When I came home I had time to think and think I did when I realised the wheels had fallen off and I was doing all the wrong things for my body and mind. Also due to depression from PTSD I had let my self go.

Then God told me it was his temple and I wasn’t doing the right things for my body.

So a dear friend of mine posted CoreFit up and I thought maybe they had the tools I need but I was skeptical because most gyms push exercise and you have to figure it out.

So I contacted Dan and went to seen him and he was telling me about the program and he suggested one on one but he also said they could offer nutritional support and he referred me to a dietitian Mark and I left thinking why don’t other gyms do things like this.

Anyhow that’s in the past and I like to leave the negative behind and get on to the positive – it’s my motto! My exercise program was born and I was determined not to stop and boy did I start feeling better with the exercise. For a little while I still hadn’t fought the demons with my food and with some helpful advice from Mark and a good exercise program at the gym but importantly at home cutting my plate from a normal plate to a butter plate and my cereal in moderation and then my main meal was lunch and tea was a small salad that my tummy could tolerate.

Bang three weeks ago I had to go in and be weighed and I was 10.5kilos down and two weeks ago I had lost another 5kg.

How I did it…I started slow and really pushed myself. I turned off the negative talk and only listened to the positive talk, I cut down my food portions and I drank water up until 7pm at night and then stopped until morning and then 1 hour before breakfast I had 500mls of water and then half hour after that breakfast with more water. It was all about balance! “


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