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client of the month

We admire the unwavering dedication of Belinda to training each week which is why she is our client of the month!

Which program are you part of at CoreFit? Small Group

What training, if any, did you do before starting with CoreFit? Just walking

What inspired you to reach out to CoreFit to get started? Turning 50 and realising I couldn’t go on the way I was. I needed help, I didn’t know I needed CoreFit till I saw the ad and had my first month.

Whats the #1 thing you’ve noticed in yourself since starting? More energy! There isn’t just one thing, there are a few, strength, clear minded, I’m happier and have more knowledge.

What do you enjoy most about training with CoreFit? The classes are always different. I reckon I have done maybe two or three repeats of a class in 12 months. Your Fellow class member’s are all there, mostly training for the same reasons. The Trainers are always watching and keeping us motivated and making sure our form is right. The knowledge the trainers have around what your body is doing and needing and nutrition has definitely helped with my journey.

What’s your number #1 piece of advice for anyone looking to start their fitness journey? It’s always hard. You can tell yourself for along time “I need to move, I need help I need to join.” You will know the right time for you. I feel CoreFit is the right time right place for ANY level of fitness. You absolutely do not have to turn up on your first day or first week and go hard or heavy or fast. Just turn up and see what you can do. With each visit you will realise you can do more, go further and lift a little heavier. Your mind body and soul will love you for it!


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