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It’s the small things that count

So this morning I opened my email to see a little reminder from one of our members around how the smallest of steps can lead to the simplest of gains, even when sometimes you think not much is happening.

I was keen to share it with you all as her recollection of some recent changes around her balance was written so authentically that I think it will resonate with some of you in different ways!

The individuals name is not mentioned as they have asked it be kept quiet but they were more than happy for me to share their progress with you all.

Enjoy the read and congrats again to the member in question, Keep at it, what you’re doing is working.

“Six weeks ago I couldn’t balance on one leg. My lower back would give out and I’d wobble and stumble with all the grace of a blindfolded elephant.

Then I made a small change. A change so small it seemed like it wouldn’t be enough. I woke up early on a Monday and a Friday morning and would go to a training session to huff, puff, sweat, squeak and punch like a lunatic for 45 minutes.

Twice a week.

Surely not frequent enough to make a difference.

Surely just a dabble in ‘training’.

“Argh. I don’t hit things. This feels strange.” Famous last words from my first boxing class.

Each day, after a training session, it certainly felt like work had been done.

It wasn’t the pain of an overly eager, ill-planned workout spurred on by the thought of a bikini. It wasn’t pain that would result in the workout being a one-off performance.

It was the sigh of muscles stretching to their (current) potential and returning smoothly.

It was the extra bump of energy as my metabolism rolled out from it’s bed of caffeine and corn syrup and decided to look busy.

It was the hum of excitement in laying out my workout clothes for the next morning.

It was the thrill of identifying a goal and then achieving the first step in it’s direction.

And then – unexpected surgery. Small enough to recover at home but big enough to interrupt every movement of the average Mum.

But just now I picked up my undies with one foot whilst standing on the other leg (not for fun…I just can’t bend over at the moment).

Six weeks ago I couldn’t balance on one leg.

Twice a week.

Six weeks.

You may not have a reason to be stronger until you need to be stronger.

So be ready. Get stronger now, for later.

If only to be able to put your undies on.”

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