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Imagine how completely frustrating and confusing it would be to run a race in which there was no clearly defined finish line.

How would you know which direction to run? How would you keep from wasting your efforts? How would you find the drive and motivation to go forward, if you didn’t even know where forward was?

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With no finish line, not only would you not know where you were going, you’d also have no way of knowing how to get there. To run the race, you must know where the finish line is and you must follow a course that will get you to that point.

The same is true for any accomplishment. It’s crucial to know exactly where you are going and to determine the precise course of action that will get you there. A vaguely conceived finish line can never be crossed.

Do your efforts today have a clearly defined finish line? Are your efforts moving you along the course that will reach that goal?

Or are you just running around in circles?

The only way you can win the race is by knowing exactly where to run.


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